Wisdom stands on the rooftops to call for the simple ones to follow. Jesus is Wisdom. We who represent him must sing this wisdom and announce it on the Rooftops so that all may hear it.

The Best Songs are written by people who care to be skillful. Our God created the earth with his words and hence us who are made in his own image must create beautiful music with powerful words.

If you don't manage your money well you are likely to end up poor. It is not so much on how much you earn but how well you manage the little you have.

Many people start with the fire and finish in the flesh Galatians 3:3. The Annointing makes the difference. Can God trust you with his anointing? Can he give you more because you have been a good Steward of the little?. We must learn how to be sensitive to the Spirit.

With experience of over 25 years as a Gospel Music Minister I've learnt that; We sing louder through our Character than through the songs. Out lives should be a reflection of our songs.

The title of being a Gospel Musician is not one that we should take lightly as we have a responsibility. A responsibility to bring heaven down and make known the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.. Gospel Music is one of the tools that God uses.